Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day Three.

Hard to believe it's the last day in May already...As boring as the hospital can be, no complaints today, it went pretty quick.

Slept in and had a nice relaxing morning with Tim for once before he walked down to his office to play catch-up on some work. In the meantime, I listened to Will's heartbeat and got my usual round of various pills and my shots. I have gotten two steroid shots to help develop Will's lungs and now get two shots a day in my stomach to help prevent blood clots. Not exactly the best feeling in the world, it actually stings pretty darn bad. But better than taking any chances with developing a clot.

Talked to some friends this afternoon and then my parents stopped by for a visit. After they left, Tim and I got a chance to tour the NICU where our baby will go after birth. It is amazing down there and we saw many babies born at 25 weeks that are now 30 weeks of, so, so tiny! They didn't have any actual 25 weekers to show us, but a few babies that were about 1.5-2.0 lbs. which is about Will's size at the moment we think. Its crazy to think about. It is extremely hard to see babies that tiny and sick, but to think that any of them actually get better and go home is such a miracle.

One more day down, and I am convinced this little guy isn't coming out anytime soon, which is great...each day helps so much, now we realize that after seeing the other babies.

Tim headed home tonight to sleep in a real bed instead of the hard board next to me. We're starting to get a routine down and assuming this will be for the long haul. After seeing those precious babies today, if it gives Will a better chance....then this is totally worth it.


Elizabeth said...

I love your optimism and your sense of humor through all of this. I can't imagine myself in your shoes, but I would hope that I could handle it with the hope, realism, and grace that you display everyday. I love you and miss you...and I'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
Liz Otter (still sounds weird!)

Megan Smith said...

Ryan's cousin and his wife delivered their little girl a little before 28 weeks by emergency c-section. She's was just 1 pound, 13 ounces.

Thought you might enjoy seeing the "journey" of a little one. She's doing fantastic! The doctors didn't have much hope for her, but she showed them ;)

Glad you making the best of your hospital visit. Just think...

Someone to get your breakfast, lunch, dinner. Someone to do all your laundry, make your bed. Seriously, it's like a mini-vacation ;)

Continuing to pray every day for another day of "cooking" for little Will.