Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Doctor tomorrow...

Yesterday was hot. Another thing about Michigan I had forgotten about...it also gets muggy. Well, late in the afternoon, after gulping down about 10 glasses of ice water, I felt like I was swelling up by the minute. Very gross. I went to bed with no covers, only to wake up freezing. There's a saying out here: "If you don't like the weather wait 10 minutes because it will change." That is the truth. This morning I am thankfully back to my original size since the temp. dropped back down at least 20 degrees.

Tomorrow we have another appointment with the high risk doctor. I know they are going to try and put me in the hospital tomorrow night. We're anxious at what they might say. I have no problem going if they are going to be proactive to do something to help Will, but when we ask questions everyone seems to turn dumb. And just as with every day since all this began, there are no changes. Unless you count the baby being VERY active this last week. Which I take as an awesome sign.

The truth is: I don't think they know what to do exactly. Everything they told me that should happen...hasn't.  I believe a lot of this is mental and I have been working hard to keep the positive/no worries attitude going. Being in the hospital would serve a serious blow. So tomorrow may mark the beginning of a new chapter...I'd better start a DVD collection! We're continuing to pray for a miracle and also for some answers. Tomorrow I would settle for at least one out of the two. So stay tuned for an update tomorrow.

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Vicki said...

Julie and Tim - We heard about your blog from Chris at Brandywine. You have exhibited such faith already, Julie. We are praying that God give the doctors wisdom and bring your precious Will to your arms just at His perfect time.

The Behans - Vicki and Paul