Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hospital Chaos

What a crazy first day in the hospital...Its' only 3:30 here and I feel like the most insane things keep happening. Seriously, we moved away from Orange County because of the's following us!

This morning I was laying in bed meeting with 3 doctors and we were sitting around talking with all the sudden the building suddenly jolted, it was weird. Then we looked out the window and noticed things falling down through the air. We assumed it was something with the construction cranes outside my window. Then the alarms, and then my cell phone started ringing.

Tim was calling and had seen the whole thing from his office window just a few blocks away. A helicopter crashed on the roof and exploded with thick black smoke billowing over the city block. For those of you in Cali that think I moved to some dumpy little town...well, its on the main page of CNN. Pretty impressive. 
I was very concerned for the pilots and crew, and thank God that they are in stable condition and no one was killed. Very lucky. Just one more thing in this absolutely crazy journey.

In the meantime, my floor was evacuated out of the building and into a nearby building for about 4 hours. I was joking with my doctors as I walked down the 4 flights of stairs and across the street that "sure, I really needed to be on bed rest!...and I was sooooo glad they made me check into the hospital last night." We had a good laugh. You know me, if I can't laugh at the situation then I would likely lose my mind. I'll take a good laugh any day. (Speaking of a good laugh...nothing beats walking out of the hospital in my nightgown down to my knees with a pair of khakis they thankfully let me put on...and then realizing the local news station was taping me. I nearly had a seizure. Pray that isn't on the 6 o'clock news.)

Now I am back in my room, things have settled, and I am ready for a nap. After talking with various doctors and neonatologists today, I have a new prayer request. That I stay pregnant for at least a few more weeks. Even better; until Tim gets back from Jersey the weekend of June 20. I have learned more about the situation and nothing is for sure and we won't know until Will is born, but each day he stays put, the better for his overall health. We made it this far...Why not go for the gusto?

So one day down. Who knows how many more to go? I will deliver no later than 34 weeks...that takes us to August 1st. Just as I did with Tim's deployments, its all about one day at a time. We continue to be truly grateful for every one's thoughts and prayers...I am convinced that is how we have made it this far.


Beth Read said...

Wow Julie, Barbie just gave me the link to your blog. I am so glad that you have the courage to put your thoughts into words. And I can see from all of this just how you are allowing God to transform your heart during this difficult time. You will be in our prayers, for your physical health, your sanity!, little Will's growth and development, and for Tim through all of this. You have chosen the perfect name for this little guy, "Will...." He certainly has a lot of WILL to survive!! Have you ever heard the Martina McBride? song, "God's Will?" It's beautiful.

Need something else to do while on bedrest? Find me a nurse practitioner job in Grand Rapids?! and then find a new home for me and Kevin!! Then we can come see you!

love Beth

Megan Smith said...

Yea for August 1st - let's be delivery buddies - that's my due date ;) I'd love to have "twins" with you!!! We are already "anemia buddies" - Iron is NOT my friend :(

Well, I can't say I'm surprised at the drama today - you always did like to do things big - what a great story you'll have to tell Baby Will.

LOTS of people here praying for you and Will - every day I thank God for another day of life and pray for another miracle for you and Will.

PS - a new "rule" for you...NO MORE googling the internet for depressing birth stories!!! God blesses and challenges each of us differently - try not to fill you head and heart with things that have happened for others. "Others" are often wrong - look at your Dr.'s - Will shouldn't be here according to them! You may only use the internet for uplifting and "critical" information such as the price of the diamond bracelet time will buy you ;)

kientzfam said...

Dear Julie-
We don't know eachother but a friend of a friend of yours passed on your blog to me. I am touched by your story and have read the whole thing start to finish starting at You are in my prayers.

I have had 2 miscarriages and now have two beautiful daughters. My second daughter was full term but ending up in the NICU fighting for her life for a week. They gave us a 10-20% chance of survival in the first 24 hours and the doctors were always so grave and serious as they spoke telling us it wasn't good.

My husband and I pleaded with the Lord for her life that first night at 4:30am. At 8:30am they came in and told us at 4:30am she started to take a huge turn for the better. So God is bigger than percentages and numbers and prognosis's the doctor's give you.

Don't research and don't let all of the things you hear get you down. Yes, be realistic but also remember first that our God is bigger than us and He can do a miracle. In my opinion, Will is already a miracle!

Well, hopefully you get more rest today than yesterday and you are in my prayers!