Monday, May 19, 2008

Small victory.

Another sunny day here. Always puts me in a better mood, I guess that little stint in Cali did teach me one important thing - without the sunshine for more than 24 hours I get grumpy. Well, I had better enjoy it now, who knows how I will make it through next winter...

I was even beginning to wonder how I would make it starting on Friday when they wanted to put me on bed rest in the hospital. Go figure this happens in May/early June, practically the nicest part of the entire year here. But I was able to talk to the Dr. this morning and get her to agree that I can be home for this Memorial Day weekend and my birthday. YAY! Not like there is going to be a party, or any plans for that matter. I just don't want to be in the stupid hospital, anything is better than that. So that is my one victory for the day.

Next Wednesday, we will go see the specialist again and they will probably admit me then. But I just bought myself 5 more days of freedom. I am saying a prayer of thanks for this small blessing. Like I said before, you learn to appreciate the little sleeping in my own bed, eating normal food, laying with Sophie, and being able to take a shower. At this point, I'm not asking for a whole lot. 

I guess my one last birthday wish is that God takes care of this situation with Will so that we won't have to decide his fate ourselves. If he is meant to be here, I pray that he has minimal complications, and if not, I pray God takes him soon and with little suffering. I can't help but wonder though, with each passing day if this is going to end in such a surprise for us all. I have a feeling God has something up his sleeve, because each passing day continues to perplex us all.

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