Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Time. I just can't seem to get a handle on it...

I have written two posts in the past week and then deleted them both. Things were a little crazy this weekend, and it left us in a whirlwind. But we survived. What exactly happened...well, that is just too much to type. All things included it went something like this: a patio glass table shattered into a million pieces, Friday night's panic of waking up to major cramping and then nothing happening, a work key that went to work with the wrong person (uh, not me!), my complete and utter breakdown over stupid things happening combined with baby stress, and then there was Mother's Day. But like I said, we all survived, and that is all that matters. I don't think Tim & I were ever so happy for a new week, Monday morning included!

Today is beautiful, which brings me back to time. I can't believe the date and how things just keep chugging along. I thought things went fast when I was teaching in CA. It's the same deal out here. When I was in the hospital, I never thought I would actually be going to see the high risk doctor. I assumed that this would have all been over, just like they told me it probably would be. Well, they were wrong. I am praying that they will continue to be wrong. 

On Friday afternoon we are getting to finally see a high risk doctor and I will be having an extremely in-depth ultrasound. We are anxious to see what is going on in there, but also know that the doctors haven't been able to give us very clear answers. And honestly, I know its not up to any of us here. Will is still rolling and kicking around, despite my bleeding and other various indescribable symptoms. Medicine can only go so far. These past 6 weeks have been miraculous and on Friday, I will be 23 weeks. As more time goes by, the more questions Tim & I have and as much as we want Friday to come, we are both anxious at what we may find out. 

Thank you for your continued prayers and support, we have both felt a sense of peace that has been such a huge blessing. With each passing day, the air gets warmer, and everything keeps getting greener. Its about hope in the things we can't always see, and Friday might just be the day for a miracle.


Terrie Grago said...

Dear Julie (aka Mrs. Murray),

Allison and I are sending our love and prayers to you. The Moms in Touch group at AVCS is praying every week for you, William James and Daddy too ^.^

Terrie & Allison Grago

Mellott Family said...

Julie, Tim and Will,
Please know that all of you are being lifted up daily in our prayers at devotions by your AVCS family!! We Love You!!

In Christ,

The Mellotts

Kelly said...

Hi Julie,
I pray for you often and visit your blog everyday. Thank you for being so honest and open. I'm praying for a miracle and hope that Friday goes well at the doctor's office.

Kelly C'de Baca