Friday, June 27, 2008

29 Weeks...

I'm laying in bed with my shirt pulled up, watching my belly move.
Will has the hiccups.
I hate it when Tim isn't around to see this kind of stuff...The baby only seems to do act up when its just the two of us and no one else to witness such an event...

Today marks the beginning of Week 29...officially the 3rd trimester. My doctor made rounds this morning and they have tentatively set my c-section date for Wednesday, July 23rd @ noon. With my luck, now that they have set a date, something will probably happen before then. Nothing ever happens according to plan! At least not with this baby.

I have mixed feelings about this. Both excitement and fear wrapped into one. It will be a relief to know that I can go home soon, but once Will is born a whole new experience is going to take place. Besides, I'm also nervous about the surgery because I have never been operated on or anything broken bones, no this is kind of a big deal to me.
We are all in limbo here, we want to be excited, yet are scared to death to have a very sick baby that might potentially not make it. All we can do right now is deal with it, because it simply is what it is...and it isn't up to anyone here on earth to decide the outcome, so all we can do is continually pray and hope for the best.

We are continually grateful for everyone's thoughts and prayers as we all await anxiously for this baby that has a complete miracle so far...I'm a firm believer in the power of prayer and know that there are so many people cheering him on, and this means so much.

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lgastil said...

Hey Julie! I am blessed to read your blog and pray for you. I was at a conference for pastors and there wives last week, and I asked them to pray for you also! It is a blessing to be a small part of your journey. Will is blessed to have you.
For His glory alone,
Liz Gastil
AVCS, Teacher