Wednesday, June 25, 2008

4 Whole Weeks!!!

The last 24 hours have been less than normal. Nothing that big of a deal, but lots of time on the monitor and the nurses are scolding me for "acting up." The last four weeks have been uneventful...but I did tell the doctor that if something happened in the next week I would not be shocked at all. Still, my goal is to at least make it to the 4th of July because that will put me at 30 weeks.

The minor happenings started yesterday with him kicking my cervix so hard it made me start bleeding again, once that began they put me on the monitor and I had a few mild contractions. The reason they are so puckered is that because my water has already broken, labor can come very quickly and then go super fast with little warning. So I am very closely monitored. While on the monitor, his heart rate dropped twice for a few seconds. This they believe is his cord being compressed, which is another result of not floating in amniotic fluid. They watch this closely also.
Then last night we were getting ready for bed and I had another surprise waiting for me. The baby went to the bathroom and it to put it nicely, it wasn't all the nurses came in, the resident was called, and back on the monitor I went. After all that, nothing was done, just another rush of excitement for the staff and me wanting to just go to bed.

So, today is better. I had some extended time on the monitor but things are still going okay. Hopefully, we'll know in about 3 weeks about Will and his health status. I am just so eager after all this time to see what is going to happen. I'm still at peace with things and just continue to pray each day that he miraculously makes it through. Please continue your prayers also, we greatly appreciate them and all of the support. At times it can be very difficult to remain patient and trusting, we play the wondering game of "Are we going to take home a baby or not??" And I want to prepare, yet feel that until he comes, it isn't right to do anything until we know. I want to get excited, yet I'm guarded because if he doesn't make it, that will be so devastating.

The nurse and I were talking today and we did decide on something. One thing I do know is that I am going to celebrate getting out of this place. So we are going to have the biggest bash and the heading of the invitation is going to look something like this:

We're Celebrating! Please join us for a Housewarming/We finally made it to Michigan/Julie's out of the hospital/It's finally summer!/I can finally drink again:)/We just had a baby...Party. Uh, did we forget anything?

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there Julie! I had a bunch of AVCS moms here yesterday for a pool party and we were all rootin' for you! We all agreed God is in control and this has been a complete miracle so far, so hang on!

We're all reading your blog all the time so keep posting!

Hugs from So Cal!

Diane Davani (and the rest of the wild and crazy AVCS moms)