Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 13

Started today with the good' ol blood sugar test, getting the finger poked first thing in the morning is something I will have to get used to, followed with my stinging shot to my belly. At least I had my favorite nurse this morning and we were laughing because she didn't warn me before sticking me with the needle and I about jumped out of bed...which scared her too.

Did the regular routine: took my medicine, answered the nurses questions, had the baby monitored, ate breakfast, saw the doctor, got my finger poked again (had a high number which wasn't good), the social worker came in to talk and make sure I wasn't going looney tunes...then the highlight of each of my days...taking a shower. I know its pretty exciting stuff, I can hardly contain myself most days:)

Tim and I continued to play phone tag. I think we've talked a whopping 5 minutes total since he left on Sunday. Totally not cool given the situation, but I am dealing with it. Its not his choice, just the crappy situation we're in. My daily prayer is that Will stays put at least until his daddy gets home.

This afternoon the nurses took me for my outdoor wheelchair walk, which is always interesting. We always laugh as they try to push me down the bumpy sidewalks, and somehow we always seem to be going uphill...which gives them a great work out. I hate being pushed around, but they won't let me walk anywhere, I don't complain though, its just so nice to get outside for a few minutes. Today is the first gorgeous day since I have been in here, it was hard to have to go back inside.

It was a very typical day for me, hard to believe that tomorrow is the two week mark...two whole weeks in the hospital. I still can't get over it. With each day I wonder how many more there will be...


Anne E. said...

AHHHH! I feel ya on the phone tag thing, it sux. HANG IN THEIR! I'm thinking of you always..... stay strong - if anyone can handle this, you can!

barbie said...

Can't wait to see your chain! Good idea! I'll be up to visit once all of your family visits are done. Hugs, kisses, and love to you, Tim, and baby Will!!!