Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 22

Today went fast. Did some of the stuff on my "to do" list...watched my DVD, pretty good flick overall. I never got to my paint by numbers, maybe this weekend. Had an awesome visit from an old friend who also happens to be my parent's neighbor and my friend's mom tonight, it was so nice to see her. Then an evening stroll in the wheelchair with absolute perfect weather. Can't beat that.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day. I have an ultrasound and am praying that it goes well. Will has been moving a lot today and I am curious to see if he has changed his position. My "baby bump" seems to be sitting lower and it just feels different...between him moving and the added pressure of his weight, who knows.
After that, I may be getting a "pass" from my doctor which will let me leave the hospital for a few hours after lunch. They do this for special occasions, mine is to see some family at my parent's house and just get out before I lose my mind...I think they will give me about 3 hours. I am excited and yet nervous to leave at the same time. Its scary to think that I have gotten on such a routine that it seems unnatural to leave. Maybe in the back of my mind it would be easier to just stay, then to leave, have a great time and then realize that I do have to go back.

The best part of tomorrow is that Tim flies back from Jersey. So glad that this is behind us. No more worrying that he won't be around in case something happens, that is a huge stress release. Tomorrow also marks the beginning of Week 28 and that makes 10 weeks since my water broke. Simply amazing that these days just keep going by. Every day is a prayer of thanks and an anticipation of our future.


Heather said...

I sit here reading every blog you post and the funny thing is I don't even know you!! After reading your comment about your water breaking 10 weeks ago all I can think is, AMAZING! God is with you! I will keep praying for all of you!
Heather (kelly c'de baca's friend)

Megan Smith said... was the ultrasound? Did Will wave to his Mommy? Praying for a good day and some news. :)