Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day Four.

This morning was a mental challenge. Woke up bleeding again unfortunetely, but the nurses said this is "normal" (as if anything going on with me is normal at all right now!). Tim spent the night at our house to take care of some things and to bring me some fresh clothes, so it was lonely to wake up alone and spend the morning trying to occupy myself. But the friendly nurses kept me company until Tim rolled in with lunch around noon.

I begged and pleaded to go outside today in the wheelchair and my wish was granted. Tim wheeled me out front to some benches outside the hospital this afternoon where I actually got some fresh air and sunshine for the first time since mood drastically improved. Its amazing what a little sun can do. While we were sitting there chatting, we saw the most ridiculous thing....some dude walks out in a hospital gown and pajama pants, dragging his IV line and then stands on the corner and lights up a cigarette. 
Classic. So much for my fresh air, jerk...

Very active baby today, he was all over the place during monitoring. Even kicked the paddles, my mom just laughed and my brother was getting all bent out of shape because the volume was turned up. Will's heart beat sounded like a galloping horse. 

One more day down, I am beginning to just take it hour by hour. I am so grateful these last few days have gone relatively quickly. Thank goodness for your prayers and a wonderful little thing called the internet...

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Anonymous said...

I am friends with Kyle and Alissa Circle. My husband and I have been so burdened by your situation. I passed on your blog info to our small group back in California (we just moved to TN). There are so many people praying for you, I hope you feel encouraged by this. I have been praying for you and what keeps on coming to mind is focus on what is true, right, noble, pure, good, ect. You are pregnant, you have a beautiful baby boy growing inside of you, each day he gets stronger and bigger, his life while yet still inside your womb is bringing glory to God's Kingdom. I believe that your story is growing the kingdom every moment, just as the Body comes together lifting you up, the Body as a whole, those who know you and those who only know your story. Please be encouraged, by this. Take in every moment that your son is inside of you, embrace every sound of his heartbeat and every move he makes. Most importantly, focus on things of the Lord. We will continue to lift your sweet family up. Thank you for being a open book for all of us to read.

In Him,
The Hill Family