Sunday, June 15, 2008

False alarm.

Yesterday was tough. I was so frustrated, lonely, and upset that I just couldn't bring myself to write anything worth posting. I went to bed praying for things to get better. Which leads to today and last night's unanswered prayer.

I'll be honest. Today is no better than yesterday. Woke up fine. By 2:00 this afternoon I had already had the following:
1. Cramping (which wasn't a big deal but I mistakenly mentioned it to my doctor and he went a little overboard...okay, a LOT overboard)
2. My personal favorite: a pelvic exam looking for infection. I'm dialated 1 cm, which isn't a big deal. This whole thing was totally unnecessary and gave me extreme anxiety...something I really don't need extra of right now.
3. Lab came in and drew 4 viles of blood for various tests for infection and to prep me for an emergency c-section...that the doctor really didn't mention to me that he was planning for so soon.
4. I was hooked up to the monitor for over 2 hours with nothing to eat or drink while they watched as absolutely nothing happened.

I reached my limit today. When the nurse came in to start an IV that the Dr. requested I refused to let her do it. I couldn't believe what happened just by me mentioning that I was cramping a bit. From now on, I'll be keeping such information to myself unless its really something worth talking about. GOOD GRIEF! Thank goodness for my awesome nurses that are quickly growing into my good friends. They assured me that if this happens again, we'll wait it out for more than a half hour before telling the doctor...sounds like a great plan to me. They all agreed that what happened was not the best course of action to take, they also blamed it on the fact that I have never complained of anything so now when I do open my mouth its like a code red. If it weren't for them right now, I would be totally losing my mind, but they have been so great.

Anways, I am happy to go to sleep tonight and hope that these last two days can be put behind me. I am eagerly awaiting Tim to get home on Friday and then I won't be so hesitant if anything does happen. But Will has got to stay put until then!

The small victory of today? I learned how to poke my own finger for blood sugar tests...sounds insignificant, but it is actually very nice not waiting for something else to click the needle into my finger. Its easier to deal with now, thank goodness...all I've been praying for is that something eases up for us soon, and for today...I'll take this.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Julie,
I keeping check back to see how you're doing. You, Tim, and Will have been in my prayers. I am amazed at how strong you are through all this. :-)
-Kaitlin Franks