Monday, June 30, 2008

Good-bye June...

Can't believe its July 1st today...a whole month in the hospital. Craziness.

Nothing new to report, just taking one day at a time. Its working. Of course, I have my moments...but today (0r at the moment) I am feeling optimistic, so I'll take it.

Today we had a little get together with some of the other women on the floor. This is the 2nd thing I have attended. There was only 1 other girl from before and she also has PROM (premature rupture of the membranes). Although, she can't be much older than me and she already has 5 kids and her doctors are optimistic on this baby too. Soooooo, as you can imagine, sometimes I would rather just stay in my room and joke with the nurses instead.
Tomorrow Soph is going to spend the night with Tim before the big weekend, that should be interesting:) Otherwise, things are somewhat boring, but I am finding things to occupy my time...mostly I paint my picture, sleep, and joke with the nurses. I just focus on when I get out of here and how wonderful it will be to feel like I am being productive again.

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Megan Smith said...

Time for another installment of things to do on bedrest...hooray! Ryan told me the other day that if I was on bedrest he wouldn't want to be a visitor since most of my ideas involve "torturing" the visitors ;)

1. Make your own lip gloss
(Check out

2. Make "tickets" and have a diaper raffle. Invite visitors to bring you a package of diapers - pampers makes preemie sizes - then give them a ticket. Once a week, pull a "winner" who gets to come back to the hospital and have lunch with you...such a prize! :)

3. Call Target for me and complain that their return policy sucks!!!!

4. If you can reach your toes, change your nail polish daily to "spice things up!" I used to do nail art in high school. I've done rainbows, polka dots, animals, even a summer scence...oohhhh...watermelons would be fun!

5. Post more photos on your blog :)

Not much longer now - I'm continuing to pray for you, Tim and Will!