Monday, June 23, 2008


Its been a few days and I realize that I haven't posted a new update and people are emailing to check in and make sure I'm alright. I'm fine. Its just that the days go so slowly and so fast at the same time. I've also had a run of new nurses, most of which have been forgetting my medicine and other things, so yesterday I never got my diabetic pill before dinner and my sugar level spiked giving me a wicked I never got around to turning on my computer. I know...what a lame excuse!

This weekend went fast having Tim back home. Very grateful for that, and then yesterday I started to type and the day just got away from me. First, I had a very special visit from a former student and his mom, Deb and Grant (all the way from Orange County) who happened to be visiting family on the east side of the state and decided they wanted to come and visit me too! It was awesome to see them and catch up with one of my 5th grade students on how the rest of the year went after my move. Thanks so much again for making the trip over here and for the gorgeous O.C. flowers:) The nurses are totally jealous...

Then for the rest of the day I was consumed by my Paint by Numbers picture. was addicting and driving me crazy at the same time. But it did its job~it made the dull moments of my day go super fast. I was looking at the package and it states for 8+ years...yeah, right. This thing made me feel like an idiot, with all the small little spaces and the mixing of the paint I have to do. I felt like I could hardly do it, and I am way older than an 8 year old...(at least in body, attitude can be questionable!) I'm going to take pictures of my work in progress.

Other than that, nothing much new is going on. They are trying to move me into a bigger, corner room this weekend which will be nice. I don't care much about the space, but it will be a change of scenery and much more quiet. Both of which are great things. Will's still hanging out and Tim is working insane hours (yesterday he left at 6:30 and didn't get back to my room until 9). So at least I have my nurse friends to keep me company.

Just keep the days coming...I can't believe that next Friday is July 4th and that Saturday will be a full month in this stupid place. I just can't wait to go home and sleep in my own bed...Even then I will probably go through withdrawals because random people won't be walking into my room at all hours of the day. What lifelong lesson am I learning? Embrace change~ because that is the only constant in life...the one thing I can count on is that life will never be the same once I return back home.


Jessica Cornman said...

Holly forwarded me your blog and I've been sitting here getting caught up (there's only such much info that guys can remember to ask and then re-tell). I just wanted you to know how much I've been praying for you, Tim and Will. Can you let us know your room number? We'd really like to send you something but I just need to know how it should get there!


Julie Murray said...

Hi Jess!
I'm so glad that Holly passed on the blog info to you! I hope all is well...I looked at your blog and website. WOW! Your pictures are gorgeous and I would love to have you take Will's picture once he arrives for his announcement...God willing that everything goes okay. Here is my address:
Butterworth Hospital
100 Michigan Ave.
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Room #4401

This room number may change but I will update the blog with that info. Thanks for the note and your prayers!!

Anne E. said...

I always knew we were cosmicly connected - I LOVE PAINT BY NUMBER pictures! I feel ya, they are awesome. Thinking of you! Love Annie