Monday, July 21, 2008

Celebrating Will's Life

Thank you to everyone for their continued prayers and support. The comments left by so many on this blog keep Tim and I from completely falling apart, your words mean so much to us. We know that only time can help begin to heal our pain but in the meantime, we are coming to terms with our loss and want to remember everything about him. Since coming home yesterday we have been busy trying to best decide how to memorialize our son. 

We have decided we want to celebrate the miraculous 52 hours Will was with us by having an open house on Saturday, July 26th beginning at 3 p.m. and will continue into the evening to assure that everyone is able to come (including all of our new friends at the hospital!) Please feel free to stop by during this time as we truly rejoice in the miracle he was and continues to be for us. If you need our address or directions to our home, please feel free to contact me via email at:

Since many have been inquiring on ways to help, we set up a fund in Will's name that will be used to cover a number of things we would like to do to help preserve his memory. We will be using any donations to help us cover things like his medical costs, cremation services, and a memorial tree which will be planted in our front yard. In addition, we would also like to make a donation to the NICU at the hospital. Tim & I are at a loss for words to describe just how incredible the staff was. They provided us with so many keepsakes, photos, and moldings of his little feet, hands, and face. We feel it would be an honor to help families like ours that lose a child. We're not sure exactly what we would like to do, but will search our hearts to find something fitting of Will. 

If you would like to make a donation to this fund, checks may be made out to:
William James Fund c/o Tim Murray
Please mail this to our home address, as our local bank would not allow us to have people send it directly to their branch due to various concerns.

Again, Tim & I cannot express how grateful we are for every one's thoughts & support. 
We truly feel your prayers...


Anne E. said...

Julie & Tim -
Stay strong! I'll see you guys Saturday. Julie, please call when you need to talk. xoxo Annie

Megan Smith said...

Wishing so much that we could be there beside you on the 26th! We'll be praying for you and remembering the miracle of Will that day and every day after. He (and you) are truly remarkable!

Jessica Cornman said...

You are amazing to me - How you are able to share your heart to all of us is truly God's work. Tim and I have thought of you, Tim and Will nonstop and want you to know how much we care. Tim will be at the memorial on Saturday. Unfortunately I have a wedding to photograph and I'm unable to attend. I so want to celebrate Will's life with you. Please know you are all in my heart.


marion said...

Julie & Tim,
Will was so lucky to have you two as his parents. Your strength and love for Will is so inspiring to all of us. I really wish I could be there on Saturday, but know that you guys are in my prayer and in my heart.

Thea Bien said...


Our family is weeping with you. Blessed were those 52 hours. I am so grateful you were able to hold him. He is so beautiful and is now living free. Stay strong and know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and Tim. Miss you, Thea

David & Connie said...

Praying for you today as you deal with the loss of Will. Praying also that God will give you peace in the days ahead.

Connie Lemmink (Christine Verlin's aunt)