Monday, July 28, 2008

Celebration of Will

Saturday was a beautiful day. 
Sad, but beautiful.

Our house was filled with family and friends, all brought together by one little life. Truly amazing. And then there were all the new friends who have come into our lives solely because of Will. For this we are grateful.

Thank you to everyone who was able to come and recognize his short life...and to all the others who were here in thought and spirit. We are thankful for your continued prayers, cards, and emails.

If there is one blessing to come out of this heartache, it is that Will has brought so many people together out of hope and love. 
And it is because of that love, that Tim and I are finding it so difficult to accept that we now have to live without him. 
To look at the new tree planted in our front yard and see it grow through the seasons, instead of our son.
To recognize this new life of being parents without a child.
And it will only be love that will eventually conquer all and help to carry us through this.

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