Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Final count down!

One week from right now I will be in the delivery room...that is, if Will doesn't decide to come any earlier.

This morning he had a very flat heart rate line on the monitor with some dips, so they are going to monitor me again after lunch. All this could mean is that he is under stress...aren't we all! If this continues they could possibly deliver earlier than a week from now.

Tim has been with me since Monday afternoon and it has been such a relief. We are both dealing with so much and having our company visiting from CA has been a huge blessing and much needed distraction. But we've been able to talk about things going on and how we are trying our best to prepare. Most importantly is how UN-prepared we truly feel. In a week we will be parents regardless if he lives or passes.

What do we do if he doesn't make it?
Where do we begin if he does? We have no clothes, no supplies, and none of the other fun stuff associated in preparing for the arrival of a baby...but we know all of that will come if it is meant to be...

If he is able to breathe, at least he will be in the NICU for some time which will help me to recover and also help us to get back on our feet and get the house ready (because of right now I'm pretty sure that I have spent more time in this hospital room than my new home...and I forget what it looks like!).

Bottom line: we're hanging in there as best we can. Your thoughts, prayers, letters, and emails are greatly appreciated and help to keep whatever sanity we actually have left:)


The Davani Family said...

So glad to hear the Mellotts are there to keep you company! Hugs and prayers coming your way from SoCal! There's plenty of us checking your blog daily!


Pam Corliss said...

Julie, Tim, Sopie and Will

I spoke to Tim yesterday and I want you to know from the bottom of my heart all the love and prayers I am sending your way. It has got to be the most trying time in your life and I'm sorry I'm not closer to run by and see you. Just know I am thinking of you and wish you only the best thoughts and wishes.

Take care