Monday, July 28, 2008

More pictures

Here are a few more pictures of Will.
These were taken by a professional photographer from Whispers, a service offered by the NICU, which is free to parents who lose a child.
These photos are now priceless to us...


Vieira said...

Julie and Tim

Thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful baby Will. We think of you both daily and pray for comfort and peace. Tori says a special prayer for you every night!

We miss you..
Kerrie & Tori

Megan Smith said...

Wow - I'm speechless; breathless. He was perfectly formed, so peaceful - such a beautiful little life! I love the picture of Tim and Will the most - Will's innocence and Tim's obvious love make such a "strong" guy look so gentle...he has Daddy written all over him.

I continue to think of your and your family every day and you will continue to be in my prayers. I bet right now everything is such a whirlwind - busy and noisy. I pray that when things "settle down" and go back "to normal" that you'll continue to feel the presence of God and the love and support of all these people who are grieving with you.

I continue to be amazed by you Julie. I can't fathom even a bit of the pain you are feeling and yet you are able to so beautifully share EVERYTHING with such peace and amazing, amazing grace. I love and appreciate your honesty - I think a lot of people would put up a wall and a "brave face," but it's a beautiful testimony to who you are and your faith that you can admit that you are hurt and angry and frustrated and don't understand (or agree with) God's plans for Will. I love that you don't pretend everything is OK or is even going to be OK anytime soon. Don't ever forget that God loves you know matter what and so do we - no one expects you to "get better" or put on a happy face. I'd love to be here for you anytime you want to vent!

Keep blogging away as long as you are inspired to do so - you are certainly inspiring me! :)

Anonymous said...

Julie- You have been in my thoughts constantly and am praying for you guys! As Kerrie wrote, I have to echo that I too miss you a bunch! The pictures you posted are beautiful and so precious. I'd love to be in touch soon when things settle down. Love you!!!


Florence Ha said...

Dear Julie and Tim,
There are no words...
Please just know that your journey has been, and continue to be a true inspiration for my family and me... Thank you for your strength, and all the Love you are able to share with all of us.
You and Will are in our thoughts.
Florence (from Bonjour)