Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Blues

This weekend went pretty fast. Only one more weekend to go.

God willing, two weeks from today I will be home...that makes me happier than anything...and its hard to believe at the same time.

Friday night Tim & Sophie spent the night. Soph kept me company while Tim put in a full day at the office Saturday and then took her home to meet up with our SoCal company, the Mellotts.

Saturday night, Tim returned with Laura, John, & the GREAT to see them! They also brought in pizza (even better), so we had an awesome time visiting. I can honestly say it was the best Saturday night I've had since I can remember. Their visit is perfect timing, it will help me hang on this last week and distract me from lays ahead. I wish they could just stay forever... :) As the sun was setting, Tim & I showed them around the old houses of Heritage Hill that surround the hospital. We laughed because the kids had never chased fireflies (or even seen them before)...and I was worried that they would be bored! That distracted them for the entire walk.

Today, I was again brought an outside meal (an absolute blessing since this hospital food really is making me sick to my stomach now) when everyone arrived at lunch, and we all took a stroll outside. Today was perfect as far as Michigan weather goes, making it really hard to know that everyone is hanging out at the house this afternoon and evening. I so long to be there with our friends, Tim, and Sophie. I know I'll be home soon enough, but not in time to enjoy our friends the way I had hoped to.

Nothing much else is going on. Just trying to hang in there as the day gets closer, I can't believe we'll be meeting Will in just over a week. My emotions are going crazy. One moment I'm so excited I can't stand it, the next I'm scared to death. The unknown is the scariest. Every night I pray for a miracle that we are about to get the biggest blessing of our lives...not too much longer before we find out.

Thank you to all of you that continue to support us with your thoughts and prayers, it is truly a blessing which we will need more than ever in the upcoming days.

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Chuck said...

Just letting you know I'm still out here praying for the best.

Semper Fi
Chuck Jones