Thursday, July 3, 2008


This morning I woke up to heavy bleeding. This is actually new because over the last week or so it has dropped off dramatically now that I only walk around to go to the bathroom or take a shower. So it was a little shocking.

They put me on the monitor for a couple of hours and did a bedside ultrasound, followed up by more blood work in case they wheel me down for a c-section...I'm actually more concerned at not being able to eat or drink anything, especially with the diabetic thing. They just gave me grape juice because I was starting to feel really weird.

We just ask for prayers, as there is nothing else to do but sit and wait. Tim and I have been waiting since the beginning of April to see where this is going, and I am nearly ready just to find out. Its these unexpected twists and turns that have taken their toll over the last few months. I know we'll be faced with much more in the coming weeks. We just pray for strength and courage, as this can turn so scary so fast.

But for right now, I am just patiently waiting. The baby is still fine. Tim is at work just a few blocks away. Should anything change, someone will update this blog. Give my past medical history, and given that it is 4th of July weekend and all my favorite nurses are gone on vacation, something will probably happen. My trend has been to only have emergencies over holidays. Oh, well...a patriotic baby would be totally appropriate, especially since I was refusing to give birth on his original due date: September 11th. Until then, welcome to the waiting game with us!


Megan Smith said...

I was just saying an extra special prayer for you last night & I'll continue to pray today.

Beth Read said...

I ditto Megan, extra prayers and hugs coming your way!!! Hang in there Julie, your strength and perseverance are AMAZING....