Thursday, July 17, 2008

William James is Here!!!

This is Dad's first time so here goes-

We had a pretty short night as Julie was feeling some contractions around 3-4am. They decided to put her on the monitor to check-out Will's heartbeat. He was showing signs of stress so the decision was made that this was the day to deliver him before things got worse. They prepped Julie in the room for a bit with an IV, etc and we headed down to the delivery floor. Then it was all about waiting- probably about 2 hours so we grabbed a nap for a bit and I some how found a way to fit into a scrub 'jump-suit' that was way to small. I also had Julie laughing by the fact that the bootie that I tried to put on ripped in two trying to get over my shoes- guess we were slap-happy at that point. Eventually the Drs and their Entourage came in to brief us and whisked Julie away to drug her up before the C-Section.

Julie did great with the C-Section and all of surgery- she definitely felt some pressure when they were working him out for the birth. Will arrived today at 1:59pm, weighs 3lbs 2oz and is 16.5 inches long. He was pretty purple and the Neonatal team worked on him right away- he was stabilized fairly quickly though and got in a few pix before he was taken away.

We were pretty sad after the delivery as it was too quiet- the Neonatal Dr said he was 'less than optimistic'. No way not to cry, right? They sewed her up and took us to the recovery area- that was the toughest part of the day- other families had their babies. This was the first time Julie really cried as we wanted our little guy right next too us. It definitely felt unfair when we heard others having one of their happiest times of their lives- and we were having one of our toughest.

Julie saw Will once since birth- I cannot stop going up there and hate to leave him there alone. He is on a ventilator and has feeding tubes through his umbilical cord. Julie is well- obviously tired and very sore- but is doing great. Both of us are quite tired so I think this is it for today- we will be heading to see Will again in the morning- more details as soon as we get a good nights sleep.

Please continue your thoughts and prayers as the next 24-48 hrs are most crucial to Will-


The Davani Family said...

Our most heartfelt prayers go out to you - may God's healing hand cover your precious Will. May your entire family be filled and surrounded by God's comfort and peace. May you rest in Him during this difficult time.

In His holy and precious name,
The Davani Family
Aliso Viejo, CA

John said...

God bless you Tim, Julie and Will. We will keep you in our prayers. May Jesus love and healing mercies keep you all in His care. Lots of love,
Pastor John, Sarah, Megan, Joshua, Andrew and Caleb

Beth Read said...

Julie, Tim, and Will...Kevin and I are praying for you all. For a healthy recovery period for Julie, and most importantly for Will's healing and that God will provide exactly what you need during this crucial time. Love Beth Read

makoets said...

May God's grace, mercy, and healing hands work in your lives. Please know that you all are being lifted in constant prayer. May the Lord grant you some period of peace and healing rest and provide comfort to each of you. God bless and keep you, may his face shine upon you and give you peace. With love-Matt, Barbie, Barbie Anne, and Gracie

Kyle & Alissa Circle said...

We're praying for the 3 of you. Congratulations on the birth of William James! May God watch over and protect your family during this time. Remember to get lot's of rest - at least that's what they told me after my c-section. I say that you don't really have a choice because you're pretty sore the first day after the epidural wears off. You're going to do great and you and Tim are going to be wonderful parents!! Keep us posted, I miss you!
Love, Kyle, Alissa & Katelyn

Megan Smith said...

How amazing! I've had this feeling all day that I needed to get on the computer and check for an update - God's just put you and your family in my heart. Well, I'm sure glad I listened! ;)

Praying SO hard for Will - what an amazing miracle he's been already (hardly a day old!). Julie, I'm SO proud of you - you were incredibly brave and I'm praying that God continues to bless you with courage.

Will is SUCH an amazing miracle - to think the Dr.'s had no hope some 14 weeks ago and here is your son! I can't imagine what the Lord has planned, but I'm praying with my whole heart that it includes a continued miracle for Will.

Christine Spaulding said...

Dear Julie,Tim,and precious Will,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all!May the Lord give you strengh and healing during this time!We love you!

Love and Blessings,
The Spaulding Family

Kelly said...

I am praying for you guys all throughout my day!

Megan Smith said...

I know this is a really strange post, but I JUST realized (10 pm in the evening) that you are a MOMMY!!! Will's Mommy - that's you. No matter what happens, YOU have a SON. How crazy is that?????

We're praying, praying, praying for Will (and for you and Tim) - the prayer chain is in action!!!

Anonymous said...

Megan Smith has been keeping me updated to pray for you guys. I had triplets born at thirty weeks (I'm not sure how far you went), so I can relate to nothing but depressing outlooks from doctors, and the pain of watching your child struggle. But, God is the maker of all things. He has chosen you to be the parents of this beautiful boy. We have been praying for you all for weeks and weeks, and we praise God that Will has come to this point. Please know, if you need someone to listen/vent on/cry with/anything, please ask Megan for my email address. I would love to give you any support that you can possibly need. I know you have many people who love you and that you can turn to. I just know it was nice to have people who'd been there when we were going through it with our babies. We continue to pray for you and your precious boy. We pray for peace and Heavenly comfort and quick healing.

Katie Claire said...

We are so glad Will is here! Know we are praying for you all! Just whisper to Will that we love him, and he is our little "Conqueror".
Love in Christ,
Kathy and Katie Hutchins