Sunday, September 7, 2008

Will's memory tree...

(For some reason, blogspot won't let me put spaces between the paragraphs and its driving me insane...I need to get over it, but my apologies that everything looks like one giant paragraph...a nightmare to us teachers and something I emphasized to my students never to do...and yet here it is...)
I'm still getting used to this living in the woods gig, and we had massive run-ins with all sorts of woodland creatures today, some normal and some just plain bizarre. Who needs cable?!

Woke up this morning some deer in the backyard...Then, while driving around after breakfast looking at new housing subdivisions, I asked Tim..."What is that?!" He stopped the car and we just stared.
Four huge wild turkeys.
Yes, wild turkeys that could have taken Sophie out. We couldn't resist getting out of the car for a closer look. I kind of ran at them to see if they would make that gobble noise...totally disapointed when they didn't. But Tim got a good laugh.
Hey if we didn't laugh, we would cry...
My proud moment of the day was mowing our entire yard. Although I stopped to scream as I nearly ran over a snake in the backyard. So gross. But not as gross as Sophie throwing up on the last strip I had to mow, because all she did while we were outside was eat grass...dumb dog.
Lastly, as I was taking a picture of Will's tree (top picture, notice how beautiful the mow job is) I noticed Sophie causing another commotion. She found a toad, it jumped at her, and she decided she was afraid of it...running quickly behind Tim. So our vicious watch dog is now afraid of toads, any bug that flies, the vacuum, and wheelchairs. We were kind of thinking that she has baby qualities that will keep us occupied for now, all she does is eat, poop, and throw up. Oh yeah, and she makes us laugh which is greatly appreciated.
Anyways, back to Will's tree. It was planted the day we had Will's life celebration and with the help of my parents, we decided on a Pear Tree. They grow fast (like babies!) and in the spring it will have tiny beautiful white flowers...overall, a very pretty tree. At the base my mom bought us a plague that has the word Love inscribed, with 3 of which is cut out. Its sadly perfect...
So another weekend down. This week we are keeping busy and trying not to think of Will's due date quickly approaching in a few days. Although today was good, it didn't keep us from looking through Will's scrap book tonight and crying at what could have been...and according to us~
What should have been. The weather is getting cooler and fall is officially on its way. I'm excited because I love fall and missed it the last few years. But this fall and the weather will be bittersweet, as with everything else nowadays.

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Megan Smith said...

I feel your pain - our lab is afraid of boxes, his dog food bag, large leaves that make noise, brooms and the vacuum and the color orange (aren't dogs supposed to be color blind???)

Beautiful tree - praying it will be fruitful!

PS - your new home is beautiful!