Saturday, October 25, 2008

I don't get it.

So, just when we're getting life back together.
Just when I am starting to feel better...almost optimistic that life will start to be okay.

I thought it was against the rules to get punched in the face when you were already down in the ring...oh yeah...
In life, there are no rules.

Tim (who works 6 days a week from 7-9 nearly every day) left for work this morning at 8. Yes, we actually decided to sleep in an hour since its Saturday and could say we were living it up.

Someone runs a red light in a desolate intersection.
Tim slams on the brakes...fishtails out of control.
Avoids the other car...
Doesn't avoid the curb.
Curb saves him from rolling over in the ditch in his Jeep.
Other car keeps going...never stops.
The Jeep is towed, back wheel is nearly falling off because he hit the curb so hard.

I've gotten enough bad calls to last me a lifetime.
Didn't need one more, "I've been in an accident."
At least it wasn't from the state police though...

Tim is pretty shook up now. Hard to imagine. As he stood there in the rain and talked to the police I couldn't help but laugh at the different experience levels. Tim is amazing. Always keeps his cool, never freaks out, and is standing there laughing with the cop. I can tell they are talking about the Marines...probably about snipers.
That always seems to come up when they see the stickers on the back windows...

But I'm done.
We're frustrated.
Someone else is an idiot and we get stuck with the $500 deductible and scrambling to find a rental car. Oh yeah, and our insurance company sucks.
We went through Costco thinking they would be with someone good.
I plan on using my writing skills to light up Ameriprise in a very colorful letter to Costco.

But in the meantime...I'm frustrated, sad, pissed off. All the emotions I was finally starting to overcome. So now I just have to wonder,
What is God trying to do anyway?
And does he really have a purpose for these things happening?
I really don't think so...I think he's up there just as sad as we are.


Megan Smith said...

I can't answer the "real" question - what does HE has planned for you, BUT, I can offer some insurance advice!

Being a military family, you and Tim are eligible for USAA insurance.

I am going to write this is all capitals so you realize how serious I am about this:


I've been a member for 10+ years. We have EVERYTHING with them - our mortgage, home insurance, car insurance, credit cards and car loan.

Check out and then give them a call. I promise you won't be sorry!

Anne E. said...

Sorry about the accident :(
Hang in their Julie. Tell your friend Megan Smith thanks for the advice. I am actually shopping for car insurance now, I will check with USAA. Good to know!

Call me when u can... xoxo Annie