Friday, October 3, 2008

Pulaski '08

Who knew Michelob Ultra came in a can?
I for one...did not.
Until tonight.
It was also the first time I drank beer from a can in...forever.
Good times at Pulaski days. It was so much fun.
Culture shock? Oh yeah...
I saw things tonight that I'm pretty sure I haven't seen since the 80's...
teased and then sprayed bangs, black panty hose with red heels, etc.
I'm also pretty sure I inhaled enough 2nd hand smoke to turn my lungs gray.

Welcome back to the Midwest.

When I was admitted to the hospital months ago, I never imagined I'd be hanging out and partying with the same nurses that were taking care of me. Not to mention they have seen me in the worst of times...and they still want to hang out:) And more importantly, they are now helping me get adjusted to life back in Michigan and are showing me the finer things in Grand Rapids...

Like the numerous Polish halls of the west side. Thanks, Jilaine!!
A few things were learned tonight...
I should continue to stay away from beer in a can,
I need to brush up on my Polka moves...

And it is possible to laugh again.

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Megan Smith said...

You look awesome - it's wonderful to see that smile of yours! What did you do to earn all those beads? :)