Friday, October 10, 2008

Some of what I missed...

These pictures are for all my Cali friends...especially the ones that thought I was completely insane for wanting to move back to Michigan.

Well, today was the perfect fall day. The kind of day that I moved home for.
The colors are starting to pop out and it is more beautiful than I remember...

There are so many things I love about this season: its cooler, the leaves are changing, its football time...and the apple orchards are the place to be on weekends. Gotta love that.
The last few days, I have been at peace. And really, at this moment, I am not wanting anything more. Its easy to chase after so many things that you think will make you feel better. If I have learned anything from this, its that I take one day at a time and concentrate on being happy no matter what that day brings.
There is good in every single day.
We just have to be open to seeing it.
Even if its only the changing leaves of a tree.

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