Monday, November 17, 2008

4 months

Four months ago right now...I was crying in recovery before being wheeled down to see Will.

Now? Still crying...and going to be recovering for many years to come. And in another 4 months, we will have been in Michigan a year already. Where in the world did the last 8 months go? This whole thing has been so bizarre, such a time warp. Its a feeling like we've stood still and the rest of the world just kept going. Sooner or later, I am going to have to jump back on.

This weekend was good to get away. Good to try and forget about so many things. Wine tasting was fun and we were with really fun people. I'll post some pictures soon. But right now its snowing, and its cold that I think I need to get some sunshine soon. Its hard to be sad and be freezing your butt off at the same time.

I hear its 90 there in SoCal...must be nice:) Back when Tim was gone in Iraq and I was alone...I used to think that it was hard to be depressed when it was beautiful and 80 degrees out.
Turns out, I was onto something.

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