Sunday, November 2, 2008

Go State

We survived Halloween.
A holiday that was surprisingly hard.

So we made an attempt to distract ourselves by going to the Michigan St. vs. Wisconsin game on Saturday. It was awesome and the weather was perfect despite it being November. It was the kind of day we always dreamed about while living in California. The game actually starting after 12 pm so we could tailgate. It just felt strange eating a bowl of cereal and watching the game right after waking up back west.

I am a Michigan fan...However, once they lost to University of Toledo all bets were off. Since I don't own one piece of State apparel, I decided to sport my awesome furry green vest.
Disaster averted.

The game itself was insane, with all the action happening at the end of the 4th quarter. Before that, I got kind of bored...then it was half time and it was fun watching the band dance the Thriller. They were pretty good and I was thinking that would be the best part of the game. Hah. Then I saw it: The cotton candy dude.

I love cotton candy.
I don't know why...
And when I was diabetic and in the hospital, every time I went for a wheelchair ride we went past the cafeteria and I would see these tubs of the stuff and secretly curse in my head that I couldn't eat any. So, as soon as I saw the guy coming up the stands towards us I made sure Tim waved him down.

After is was all said and done we walked back to our car (which seemed like 5 miles away) and I was pretty sure whatever calories I consumed had been burned off and then some. It was funny to wake up and be sore. From what? Our seats were at the top of the stadium, so I went up all 65 rows at least 3 times. Sucking air the entire way. Between that and the walking, we got a great workout.

A pretty good day we decided...but to us, things still just don't feel right.

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