Monday, November 24, 2008

Home again

What a whirlwind.
My trip last week was much needed.
I wanted to post some pictures, then I realized I only took 3.
Not so awesome...

But, as the plane took off from OC on Friday night I couldn't help but look down at all the lights. They seemed to go on forever, just the sheer number of people there is unfathomable at times. This was a picture I wished I could have taken.

But instead its imprinted in my mind. So many lights, so much business. As the plane circled out over the Pacific before heading back east, I could see PCH and the route along the ocean I had driven so many times. Only this time I was not driving it, I was only watching everyone else from far above...and they didn't even know it.

I have been trying to navigate a new road since Will's death. And it sure isn't as pretty as PCH. Not even close. This road was not taken by my own choosing, so I am doing the best I can.
But I am thankful that for 4 days, this new road took me back out to California. I had such a great time and owe thanks to many people. Bottom line is that I didn't have enough time, not even close. I arrived late Tuesday and left on Friday afternoon. But I crammed in as much as possible without completely losing my mind.

To go from here to there is going to extremes. You cannot get any more different. No wonder it messes with my head. There? I get to look at the mountains, tons of traffic/people, the ocean...and hot young Marines in camouflage.

Here? I get to look at the woods, open land...and old fat dudes strutting around in their hunting gear. Gross. Which leads me to ask...just how many different patterns and colors of camouflage can one person wear? And isn't this some fashion crime...even for hunters' standards?

Whatever. It keeps me entertained.
But nonetheless, back to reality now.
I came home feeling refreshed, with some sense of hope restored...even if it was only a small bit. From here? I have no idea. We're just focusing on getting through this holiday season being grateful and not giving into the temptation to lie in the corner on the floor and cry until its all over with...but something tells me that the holidays are bittersweet for many people.
Not just us.

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