Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lake Effect

It is 12:15 a.m.
I was supposed to be in Chicago by now.
My surprise flight out to Orange County officially leaves in less than six hours.

I will not be on it.
Because once again, God has a different plan from the one I had.
See that nice, big band of pink along the western part of Michigan?
That nice big band dropped at least 6 inches of snow while I was attempting to drive...and it happened in less than half an hour.

The sky is clear here.
Of course, now that I am home.
Got about 20 miles outside of Grand Rapids and there was a ton of snow.
Everyone was going about 15 mph...thought I could keep going.
Totally thought wrong.

Lake effect snow, thanks a lot.

I should have taken a picture, because I couldn't even believe my own eyes.
It was so deep, you could not see the curb, everything was covered.
I stopped at a rest area to decide what to do and couldn't even see the road.
When trucks pull over too...that is when you know its bad.

As much as it bothered me greatly, even I know when its just not worth it.
So, after leaving just after 9:00 I had to turn around 40 minutes later...and didn't get home until midnight. I'm too tired to be mad right now. Driving in that stuff is not fun, its downright scary...
So to all my SoCal friends...I was so, so, so looking forward to seeing all of you.
And what is even more impressive? That I actually kept my mouth shut and didn't blab my surprise to everyone...it was harder than you think.
So while all of you inhale smoke from the wildfires and are smothered in 90 degree heat...Its 23 degrees here and I still can't feel my toes from walking through the deep snow.
Talk about two extremes.
All I know is that...I was EXTREMELY looking forward to eating some In-n-Out...and hanging out in some warm weather with my friends.


Kyle & Alissa Circle said...

NO!!! I'm so sad you're not going to make it out here. What a wonderful surprise it would've been to see you. I miss laughing with you in the lunch room. I read your blog daily and pray for you and Tim often. You are so strong and are proof of someone who loves and trusts God unconditionally, something that is so tough for so many of us to do. I miss you! and I'm sorry I don't write that more often.

KRISTYN said...

Ooooh, Julie. Go figure. Life's curve balls, are just amazing sometimes. Have fun in California, and enjoy the sunshine....