Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas weekend

This year wasn't exactly Christmas bliss...but we survived.
And boy, do we have some stories.
Would you expect anything less from us?
I think not...

So, here is the quick version. The basic low down of our Christmas weekend that we had been dreading since July. And quite frankly, we had every reason to.

Christmas Eve:
Took Tim to work in the morning so I could run errands in the Jeep. It rained...and then, of course, it froze. The rest of the afternoon I couldn't figure out what it was doing outside, all I know is that driving was less than thrilling. The trip to church was treacherous (and I won't lie, we were really dreading going before all this happened anyways) but we finally drug our butts out to the 10 p.m. service. Okay, I don't want to beat around the bush. The service was totally lame. I swear it was an exact repeat of last year. The whole truth is, that this was the first time since Will's death that we have been able to actually attend church in person, its just been too emotional. And then the whole "sleep in heavenly peace" singing bit really threw Tim and I into the deep end. So, we left the church crying...exhausted...and praying that God would forgive us for sitting there and making fun of things while we were sitting in church. Yes, that was our way of totally not losing it in front of a bunch of strangers. Glad to get home safely, we crashed into bed once we got there. So thankful to make it through the day.

We woke up in our own bed on Christmas morning for the first time in...well, for the first time ever since we were married. Loved that. Loved that we didn't have to drive anywhere. It was great having my parents and brother come over here. And just when we didn't think the day could get any more exciting, we all fell asleep in various areas of the house. Talk about exciting. Best part of the day? We got a present "To Mommy & Daddy with love from Will"...

We wrapped up the day by watching nearly the entire boxed DVD set of Generation Kill that I got for Tim. Want the truth? If you really want to know about Tim's Marine experience and all the stories I got to hear these. They are awesome. The Marines are hilarious...and it is so accurate that we were left invigorated.

Someone got it right in Hollywood.
Even down to the amount of swearing.
And yes, you just might be appalled...but its the real deal.
So if you get offended by potty-mouth: don't watch it.

Dec. 26
Tim had off from work. YAY. We lounged around and had a major deer sighting out our back window. 12 deer. Seriously, they were all clumped together and walked along the back of our yard, it was pretty cool to see. The picture above was taken too late but you can see lines in the snow that were their tracks. After that excitement, we had a special visit from our friends with their new puppy. Too much fun. We had a great time watching Tanner terrorize Sophie. Right down to her biting Soph's tail and watching Soph tuck her rear and tail under and run to her "safe spot"....her bed in the laundry room.

That night we met Tim's parents for some dinner and went to see "Marley & Me"... We got home and had Christmas with them. Tim went to open our gift and as he opened the box he jumped back. I looked and he had blood on his finger. First I thought "what in the world?" then I thought...well, I'm glad he opened it. So, we got a brand new set of steak knives and Tim assured me that they are sharp. Spent the rest of the night scrubbing blood off random areas that Tim had touched around the house, not realizing that he was still bleeding. Cutting yourself on a new gift? That has to be bad luck or something...I don't think we'll be having steak for awhile.

So after we did another Christmas this weekend, we drove back home Sunday night only to be greeted with our last present. There was a wind storm on Sunday and one of our beautiful trees in the front yard snapped in half about 4 feet up, landing in our yard. Thankfully, falling away from our house. Well, that tree will be hanging out for awhile. Its big and too heavy to move without cutting it up. The good news? At least most of the 2 feet of snow melted due to the rain and 60 degree weather on Saturday.

Even when we think our life is boring. It really isn't. Because with us...there is always something. And all I can say about Christmas this year, is that I am just thankful its over. There are always Christmases that are less than magical, and this was one of them. So my outlook is that I am glad to get one of them out of the way and look forward to some awesome Christmas days in our future.

And really...right now I feel like I should be boarding a plane back to CA or something. This whole thing still seems weird. So for right now, I'm taking it easy, because this is all so new and it will just take time. I had dreams and hopes for so long about how this Christmas would be...maybe next year.

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