Tuesday, December 9, 2008


It has been snowing here for at least a week non-stop...and I'm still not used to this at all. Right now, I should be getting bundled up to go to yoga. However, its freezing and slick out and I really don't feel like leaving tonight.
I know that the one thing I need is exercise, so I compromised and went out and shoveled part of our driveway for at least the 12th time in the last 5 days. And yes, I know, its only the beginning.
2008 has been full of "shocks." In fact, last time around this year we decided that "Things for us were going to be great in '08!" And I'm sitting here feeling pretty darn stupid thinking back at our naive optimism. Now, I am just eager for a new beginning. Even if it is only in the form of a calendar that reads January 1, 2009. Although we might try, the events of 2008 will never be far from our immediate thoughts.
And aside from just a daily survival mode, I have decided that I will set goals for myself to get through this first...hard winter. And it is hard, because I have realized that my rose-colored glasses of Michigan have been forever shattered. There is something to be said about not having to dig out of snow or rake leaves for hours on end. And while it sounds fun, after the first hour I'm pretty much over it and convinced that my time would be better spent doing something else.
This weekend I had a Christmas open house for Tastefully Simple. And thanks again to the snow, it was a lot of work with minimal results. While it was fun (and I am especially grateful to those that did make it-THANK YOU) the weather kept many people away. I cannot compete with mother nature...So, this may be my first month that I don't meet my goals since August. And that is pretty sad, considering it is supposedly the biggest sales month of the year. Regardless, this little business venture of mine has managed to awaken me from the dead and given me something positive to distract myself with. When I started it, I didn't care about anything...and now I look back and can see how far I have come.
Which is why I need to keep writing. I haven't lately because there wasn't anything good or happy to say. But that is part of it too...the good with the bad. So in dealing with this awful feeling that has been intensifying with each day, I have been reading the book a friend gave to me while in Cali. The Shack. Its interesting, and thought provoking. And sadly, I can very much relate with the main character and all of his anger, frustration...and his Great Sadness. There is are so many things in that book that just take my breath away, and I wasn't ready to read it until now.
But I am thankful I am reading it now.
It came at the perfect time.
Just when I though I couldn't handle all the anger and bitterness...
There was intervention. And the little reminder...
Always in God's time, never ours.

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