Thursday, January 15, 2009

A natural drug

I'll chalk up yesterday as a bad day.
Really bad.
However, after getting up and moving around this morning...
I feel different.
Looked outside and saw something I haven't seen in a long time:


Ah. Much better.
But don't let it fool you.
I'm not about to go running around outside.
Instead, I laid down on the floor with Sophie...
in a big patch of warm sunlight.

Outside, I think its about 10 degrees.
And, I'm not exaggerating.
Last night, while talking to my CA friend...
she gasped when I told her the temp my car said: 1 degree.
Yup, that's right.
I moved from a climate where every day is an average of 70 degrees and sunny.
And then I wonder why I am having a nervous breakdown.

So, with all the motivation of the sun I have managed to get some stuff done.
I applied for jobs online.
Did some laundry.
Took the ornaments off the tree...
just kidding.

Like I would really leave my Christmas tree up for half the month of January when I ALWAYS take it down New Years Day. I'm way too organized and mentally with it lately to put off getting the decorations put away...
No, NOT me...

Let's hope this sunshine keeps up.
Maybe I'll actually get around to making the bed too.
That is...after I wash all the sheets. I step away last night for one minute only to return and find Sophie's butt (literally) on my pillow ~ Gross. *See above photo...not to mention that little sneak totally took my spot.

Its amazing how exhausting it can be actually just writing my to-do list...
let alone getting anything on it accomplished.

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Mel said...

I know how you feel about the sunshine, it makes everything feel a little better, not that it necessarily is, it just feels it. I often find myself in the middle of winter sitting in the small sliver of sun coming in my back sliding door.

Continuing to pray for you.