Thursday, January 8, 2009


I can say now that I did one thing right in my life.
My intuition not to teach high school and go with elementary ed...
Taught at the high school today.
Kids these days.

Also, couldn't believe the class size here either.
684 kids in the senior class.
Let's get one thing straight.
I live in the woods, which is located in the middle of a cornfield.
On any given day I probably see more deer than high school kids.
Where are they all coming from???

Which reminds me of something else I saw while driving on Monday. You know that saying "I live in Podunk" (a.k.a. the middle of nowhere)? Well I actually passed Podunk Ave. not even 5 miles from my house.
I did a double take.
Nervously laughed.
And then cringed.

I'm almost 9 days into the New Year.
Still miss Will like crazy.
Still wondering what he would look like at nearly 6 months.
And wishing that I was spending time at home with him...
instead of with indifferent teenagers...

And it never fails, I always end up in some young teacher's classroom...with various reminders about things I don't want to see.
Shower invitations, birth announcements, and pictures of her new baby...

*Insert positive of the day here and don't think about all the bad stuff*

There was a two hour school delay so I only had to look at that stuff 4 hours and got paid for 7 :)
At least...I hope that's how it works.
Oh yeah, and it was a Calculus class (panic) and I just gave them a worksheet.

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