Saturday, February 21, 2009


Its really coming down.
I was secretly wishing the weather report would be wrong...
but as I look out the window
it appears that we just might get that full
4-8 inches today.
Which blows just about as much as the wind is whipping around the house right now.

Last night we got tickets for the hockey game with my parents,
it was a good time.
It was packed.
College night.
$1 hot dogs and beer.
Tim and I ate and drank for $6...
gotta love that.
Even more interesting is that I saw my choir teacher I had from the time I was in 7 grade through high school.
Too funny.
Still not used to running into people I know from what seems like forever ago. At least to us it seems that way with everything we've done and everywhere we've been in the last 6 years.

My favorite part of last night?
The fights.
I love hockey.
I'm still thinking about one thing though...
They were shooting hot dogs and other random things out of this air launcher
from the ice. Then came some t-shirts.
I don't even know what happened, but I think some chic threw one at me.
It hit my boobs,
bounced off onto the floor
and some psycho lady grabbed it.
All before I had time to think.

Now, I could have had a throw down,
but I was too shocked at what happened.
First of all, that I even had a chance to win something at all.
And then Tim wouldn't shut up about it,
Then I saw what the shirt was...

some cheap, white tent of a thing that had some initials for 
Burn it.

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