Monday, February 16, 2009

Sick bug

Wishing that I could be writing more.
Where does the time go?
Spent the last few days at a Tastefully Simple conference that was so much fun,
met great people...
and it got me away from the house which Tim had taken over with his illness.
Got back late on Valentine's
trying not to think about
how our hearts

So I did the rational thing and baked cookies...then proceeded to eat practically the entire freaking thing. Oh, and also ate more pears than I have in the last few years combined...which were lovingly sent to us via a wonderful CA friend (who must have known its impossible to get good fruit here in the dead of winter)
Marion~thank you so much for thinking of us...they were SOOOOO good! And were a healthy "comfort" food for us this week.

Woke up and heard an amazing message at Mars Hill on Sunday,
only to get home and come down with a similar version
of whatever bug Tim had.
So instead of spending the first two days off in a row (since Christmas) doing something fun or even productive together...
we pretty much slept.
Talk about exciting.

However, just like we heard on Sunday...
even though darkness and tragedy may at times surround us,
I will not
let it grow

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