Monday, March 23, 2009

One year...

Exactly one year ago today...
it was Easter Sunday
we pulled up in our truck with
every earthly belonging we have...
excited out of our minds.

There was even snow on the ground
(thankfully none today)
and I cannot even begin to describe
how happy we were.

I really wish someone would have taken a picture.
That is on my wish list actually,
one of these
because the only things I really value any more
are people, memories, and the
pictures I have of those things.
So a new camera is needed badly.

I do have a picture of us sitting at Taco Bell,
in some crap hole town...
maybe New Mexico?
It was Arizona.
We were thrilled to drive over the state line.

And we were there with some great friends.
(I would post the picture, but need approval!)
I taught with her, and their twin sons
were my students in 2nd grade.
They had left for spring break, and we followed
each other out of SoCal.
How cool is that?

The same family,
visiting us when Will was born.
My only friends to meet him before he died.

Life is strange sometimes.
Much of the time.

I used to count back through time according
to Tim's deployment cycles.
Glad that is over.
(I was right about the meeting this weekend, it was a total waste of his time. Nothing big worth noting, just trying to get him into the reserves)
we'll count time in a different way.
Because already our life out there
seems like a lifetime ago.

So starting today,
its kind of like our New Years.
A clean slate.
What will our 2nd year in MI bring?

Do I really want to ask?
(insert nervous laugh here)
Whatever it is,
I trust Him.

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