Monday, April 6, 2009

You have to...

Go to this show when it comes to your town.
Last night we went to hear
Rob Bell
on his Drops Like Stars tour.

I have one word:

This tour is going to take place all over the world,
Since I was obsessed with the idea,
I made sure to buy tickets the moment they came out
and scored front row seats.

So with my parents in tow,
we were unsure of what to expect 
as we sat down at 8:00 pm.
More to come on what this stirred up in me,
I'm still digesting it all.

But I can tell you this...
it was the 
and peaceful nights of my life in quite a while.

And for those of you in Orange County?
He'll be in LA next year...

And while I'm not always 
"smitten with the mitten"
I am so grateful
that I have this church and pastor, this source of inspiration...within driving distance.

More on last night to come...
my ideas are churning.
But as we were all leaving after the show,
silent in our own thoughts
trying to process it all...
a strange weight felt gone,
and across our faces?
Talking about suffering for nearly two hours
and we leave happy?
Progress must have been made.
(insert content sigh here.)...

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