Saturday, May 30, 2009

More pictures

Standing on the Brooklyn Bridge

The Chrysler Building looking beautiful in the rain...

Grand Central Terminal...absolutely gorgeous.

Tim's favorite...Wall Street

A cupcake from the infamous Magnolia Bakery, it didn't disappoint.

One of the highlights of our trip, walking the the pouring rain.


The weather is changing every 10 min. here,
so here I sit on the computer
trying to decide what to do with myself.
I'm supposed to be prepping my resume and cover letter,
to send out this week...
but I am being pulled to my pictures instead.

I just spent some moments with Will,
and looking through all the photos we have stored on our computer.
They look so beautiful on this big, bright screen.
Then I jumped to our NYC photos,
and I realized that I did a real crap job of sharing those.

I love photography.
And while Tim talked me out of purchasing the camera of my dreams:
The Nikon D90...
We did manage to get some good shots on our little hand held deal,
and so I thought I would post a few more.
We booked our trip to the O.C. for July 1st...
Now that we don't live there anymore,
I have a list of things I want pictures of.
Only I have sheer confidence the weather will for sure cooperate during this trip at least.
The upcoming trip will be a good thing to look forward to in July,
I'll need it,
that much I know...

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