Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our trip

The view from our hotel room,
gotta love it...

I totally got sick in NYC.
It was not fun (being sick).
But the rest of it?
Parts were fun,
parts were sad,
and parts were frustrating.
Mostly, it was eye-opening.

Everyone should go to NYC at least once.
I loved the history of it all.
It would have been much more enjoyable,
if the weather would have cooperated.
it rained (more like poured).
Nearly the entire time we were there.

It didn't happen.
I don't count the one thing we did buy:

But I need to start from the beginning.
Hold on,
this may be long.
Especially considering that I stayed home sick today...
yes, with the same sickness I picked up in the Big Apple.

Day one: Friday
As soon as I stepped into the daylight after coming up from the subway,
I could feel the energy.
Tons of people.
It was awesome.
Tim & I briskly walked 8 blocks, luggage in tow, to our hotel in Times Square. This was one of the highlights: a completely free hotel thanks to all the Starpoints we've saved up over the years. Once to our room, it started to grateful, that the rain held off until we got inside.
That night we checked out Grand Central Terminal and
Times Square at night...
neither disappointed.
I don't even want to think about all the energy that goes into keeping that place lit up...but I was distracted anyways, by the huge blisters already forming on my heels.

Day 2: Saturday
Weather: still raining
Explored: Financial District, Wall St, Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty, & Ellis Island

The clouds parted in the late afternoon to give us some great pictures with the Statue of Liberty. Ground Zero was humbling. Obviously, this is a place that I have wanted to go to for some time. After all, 9/11 is what deeply affected our path in life through deployments in the Marine Corps. We visited a really old church across from the site that was preserved, and somehow has managed to survive the attacks and served as a staging area for the rescue workers.

This place is amazing. A graveyard and church dating back to the 1700's,
George Washington worshipped here.
It doesn't get much more inspiring.

Day 3: Sunday
Woke up feeling awful, and the pouring rain outside didn't help much.
We made our way down to the Brooklyn Bridge and walked across.
Rain or not, that bridge is just cool in general.
Definitely a highlight.
Afterwards, we managed to get to the nice shopping district...where I unfortunately did not shop, but we did visit Magnolia Bakery (made famous by the series Sex & the City).
While looking for a specific restaurant, we were walking by Burberry and I was staring at a man. I was staring because it was pouring rain and he was wearing large black sunglasses.
I thought he was crazy (and weird).
Then I realized he was crazy, as in crazy funny...
Martin Short.
I must be losing my SoCal instincts of knowing things like that.
Obviously, big shades = someone who is trying to hide something.
As I passed him, I laughed,
because I know the look on my fact must have said it all.

We found the place to eat,
it was pretty good.
Lots of celebs go there,
however, I have been paying for it dearly since then.
Between getting a nasty cold and then some weird digestive bug,
I am hesitant to recommend this place to anyone.
Enough said.

A whirlwind trip.
Glad to go,
but even happier to be home.
Its not like I expected it to change my life...
but maybe, deep down, I was hoping to forget things for awhile.
Just goes to show that you can't just jump on plane,
and come home expecting things to be different.
That would be nice though.
I think that I am just really, really sad with
Mother's Day approaching fast.
Not even NYC can take that pain away.

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Jones Clan said...

I have never met you but I've been following your blog for a while. Tonight I was so sad (missing my husband on his fourth tour in Iraq), and I decided to read your blog. It really cheered me up. As I'm writing this, I'm thinking how irrelevant this must be to you, but I thought I'd mention it anyway...