Monday, June 15, 2009

Somewhere over the rainbow...

Last night's visitor.

After a storm the other day,
I walked out my front door
and was greeted by a rainbow.
This was kind of a big deal to me...
I saw it as a promise.
I don't know exactly what for,
but there is was nonetheless.

June 15th of last year was my very first post.
And its not just that, 
but other events and things have been bringing a flood of memories...
the rainbow,
summer storms,
elephant ears,
and questions about the future.

Some will completely understand how all the things above are connected,
and if there is still some questions (especially about the elephant ears part) that story will be told one day in the book.
I'm working on it...
because its too funny a story to be left untold.

But tonight,
I'm sitting on the deck watching daylight fade from the sky.
And knowing that tomorrow is that interview.
Its on my mind, not for reasons many would assume...
For me,
it represents just another aspect of my life I did not see coming.
It is another sign that time moves forward,
my life is changing and starting to show signs of moving forward also.
It means that I have an opportunity again.
Something so normal as a teaching job,
is now a really big deal to me.
A new sense of normal is now within my reach...

Maybe tomorrow will be the start of something new.
Hopefully good.
Because somewhere over the rainbow,
people get 2nd chances...
and so does the pre-baby suit I managed to squeeze my body into!

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