Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby...

Happy First Birthday, Will!

Today Daddy & I are celebrating your life, and the miraculous 52 hours we had with you...

You entered our world at 1:59 p.m. on a bright and sunny day. You were a fighter, and to us ~ perfect in every way. You had a piece of each of us built into you...Daddy's forehead and skinny knees, Mommy's mouth and hands, Grandma's toes, and Great-Grandpa's amazingly distinct blue eyes...the only surprise was all that dark hair!

It's hard to imagine what you would look like today, at a year old. We cherish that you will forever be a baby to us. In your short life you only felt one uttered a harsh word or expressed unkindness to you. You only felt the love and prayers of your family and the hospital staff around you...and we will never know the full extent of your story and life on many others in this world. And the number of strangers praying for our family may never be known. But one thing is certain: You were here and you had weight in this world. You were loved and continue to be. And each day we wish you were here and miss you more that we ever thought possible.

We love you 'til the end...Mommy & Daddy

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melissa said...

Dear Julie, this is the Melissa that you worked with at Wiggles n' Giggles. Just wanted to tell you that I still read your blog and pray for you and i pray that one day soon something great happens for you. It is deffinately hard to believe its been a year since will was born but im sure its been the hardest one ever for you yet. I keep you in my prayers and hope that healing is very soon to come.