Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pics from CA

This was one of those vacations that you need a vacation from.
Orange County was busy, crazy...
and tons of fun.
We were occupied nearly every second,
and my challenge was adapting to the time change
and still finding ways to do and see everything and everyone that I wanted.
And overall, as hard as I tried,
it just didn't happen.
I could have stayed out there an extra month and still found things to do.
The best was seeing friends and visiting.
Which takes a lot of energy when you are used to sitting around alone all day.
And not being alone...
being surrounded by friends,
was something that I have needed for a really long time.
We hung out at the beach,
the pool,
got completely fried in the sun,
Tim went to an Angels game (I was busy being sick)...
we ate at our favorite restaraunts.
And we really tried to sit around and do nothing.
But most important is that we had fun...
July 4th was bittersweet,
we were surrounded by friends at their beautiful home.
Watching 3 different fireworks from atop the hill which is their backyard...
It was a far cry from last year,
being alone with Tim,
watching the fireworks from a wheelchair
while Will got the hiccups...
In many ways this year was better,
but in one big way it was not.
But that night,
was really the only time I felt really sad.
I always think its hard to be too depressed
when its 75 and sunny out all the time.
We did get something while we were out there,
a video of Will while he was alive from our friends.
It remains unwatched,
I'm not yet ready to lose that happy feeling from escaping my life for a week.

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Kyle & Alissa Circle said...

Julie, you look absolutely beautiful in these pictures. I'm so sad I didn't get to see you while you were out here, but I'm so glad you had tons of fun!!