Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Will's new frame

Last fall we found this frame,
and knew we had to have it.
So for Will's 1st birthday...
we decided to give ourselves a present
in an attempt to somehow make it hurt a little less.

When it arrived the night before our company from CA arrived,
I quickly unwrapped it...
and it took my breath away.
Too perfect.
I love it...
And every word is true.


~lisa said...

I love this!!! i continue to pray for you and your family... i know none of this makes sense right now, but there will be a time you can look back at this chapter and think there is a plan all along and He had greater plans for you and it will all come together...with faith

carriekuipers said...

I LOVE it! So perfect. I was hoping you would post a picture!

Penni said...

I'm speechless. It's perfect.