Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Catch up.

have you ever gotten so behind at something,
that the sheer thought of "hacking at it" seems to send shudders through your entire being? That would be me when I think of all the partial blog posts I have yet to finish.

I have not forgotten,
or even put it off.
I simply would begin to write about a number of things,
and then something would happen...
and by the time I got back to it,
the moment was gone.
The writing and thoughts were interrupted.
And it just didn't sound or read as well as I wanted it to.

The perfectionist in me is coming back.

What is shocking is that it is December.
Here are the facts:
I have continued my altered diet and lifestyle,
which includes acupuncture, Chinese herbs,
and a totally different diet.
No pop, no caffeine, no coffee...and a whole bunch of other "no's"

However, I am finding myself with more energy.
A better outlook...
and just generally feeling better.

Which is good, because lots has been going on in our house.
I will be writing a more in depth blog soon,
but for the time being,
other things have called.
Like decorating our Christmas tree,
putting lights on Will's tree outside,
cleaning the gutters before it SNOWS,
setting up snow plow service (utterly crucial)
and then that silly Christmas card letter has been nagging me almost as much as this blog.


Dorothy said...

I'm proud of you! You sat down and did it! Catching up is often times, overrated... it's what's in your heart that's screaming to be spilled at that exact moment that counts. And that's exactly what you just did. Much love. -D

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! We've missed you!