Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

After years of...
standing in long security lines,
missing flights,
running through airports
and all the other things that happened
which nearly caused me to have a nervous breakdown
trying to get home for Christmas...
I am waking up in my own home,
in my own bed,
and my family is visiting us today.

Truly a Merry Christmas.
Especially with the way I have been feeling for the past few weeks:)

And while we are still missing Will beyond words right now,
this year is more tolerable.

Maybe because we have found hope again...
Maybe because there is a chance we will have truly Merry Christmases in the future.
Maybe because next year, there might actually be a baby here to hug:)
Merry Christmas...
And thank you to all of you who have continually prayed for this.


Megan Smith said...

AMEN!!!!! I don't even have words friend! Praying for safety and peace for all THREE! of you - can't wait for that little Murray to be able to hold his/her Will doll. I'm in love already - praise the Lord!

Scanlans said...

How truly awesome.. I echo the last comment.. words can't describe!! So incredibly happy for you guys! And praise God, praise God!
Lindsay Scanlan

carriekuipers said...

Praise the Lord for HUGE MIRACLES! I will pray for a safe, healthy, full-term baby. Congratulations - I KNOW this baby will never be under-appreciated:)

Elizabeth said...

Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! What wonderful news, and I'm so happy for you.

Megan Smith said...

Had to come back cause all day I've been thinking about this post. YEA! I am super, duper, more than excited...elated...for your family. I also wanted to tell you what an encouragement you are to ME as I see your faith in the Lord and your courage.

Most people nowadays (that makes me sound old, huh?) don't announce their pregnancies until the 3rd month "in case something happens." YOU of all people had a the history that might have made you a little hesitant to share your awesome! news, but I love how you have allowed all of us to share in the joy. I am SO proud of you and encouraged because you obviously know and rely on the power of prayer.

I've been praying, praying, praying and will continue to do so! Can't wait to see more pictures of Little Murray!

Penni said...

Sitting here with tears in my eyes...tears of happiness & Thanksgiving to an awesome God for your pregnancy. I am now in my 15th week. I will send up prayers that we will both experience healthy pregnancies & happy, HEALTHY babies. Wow. What an awesome gift. Thanks for sharing with us "stalkers". Blessings & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

~lisa said...

OMG!!!!! I just screamed Im SOOOO happy for you both!!!! Happy New Year!! xoxoxox