Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Seeing things...

Today was my 4th doctor's visit.
On Friday I had my 3rd ultrasound.
I am thankful to say that everything looks good,
and the spotting that happened over a week ago was minimal and has gone away.
Let's hope for good...
we don't need any more of that crap.

At my ultrasound, they were very thorough.
Of course, since this always happens to me,
there was a doctor in training.
I can say that I am patient about things like that,
especially with being a teacher...
but when they are doing an internal ultrasound and moving that thing all over I was about ready to punch someone...
then I saw the baby on the screen.

What a mover!
In a mere 10 days it went from looking like a gummy bear,
to what you see now.
A miracle.
So I momentarily forgot about being tortured,
and focused on the screen.
With each kick, I fell in love.
With each kick I also thought I saw something...

Without taking my eyes off the screen,
I said to the doctor,
"So I know its totally too early to tell what sex the baby is...but, uh...well, I think I am seeing something every time it moves."
The doctor laughed and said,
"Oh, you noticed that? I saw it too."
There was a lump in my throat...
"Are you telling me you think its a freaking boy?!?"
He got serious again...
"Yes, that is what I am thinking. Let me know if that is how it turns out. In all my years I have never seen anything this early on a 10 week ultrasound."

I didn't know whether to be proud or mortified.
Once out of the office, I called Tim.
He just laughed...
"Did you tell them you were married to a Marine?"

Now I love my husband, 
but this is just a typical comment that I would normally never repeat to anyone else.
But he does still make me laugh...

We'll find out for sure just who is in there at my 18 week ultrasound
at Dr. Risky's office.
Until then, we have a preview.
Regardless, I am thrilled no matter what the sex is.
I just want a healthy baby, and a healthy pregnancy.

We have started discussing names,
this is a challenge.
But for right now, we have plenty of nicknames:)


~lisa said...

LOL!!im so happy for you both, you crack me up! Take care of your gummy bear! xo

kim said...

Julie- I love reading your blog!!! You are such a wonderful should write a book for other mothers who have lost children. I love Tims' comment! So funny. I also spotted with my second child and it was scary and I can only imagine how it feels for you. Your faith is God is inspiring and I am praying for you and hope to see you soon at a DeeZee breakfast!

Maddog Salamander said...

Ok, so I just read your July 2008 blogs. I think of my little boy (3 1/2 months) and project myself back to the two weeks we spent with him in the NICU.

I had to come back to your recent blogs to bring my heart back to a world of hope, faith, and light. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the world. Blogs do have a purpose, when they show us glimpses of pain followed by hope and filled with love.

lilly90206 said...

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