Monday, March 8, 2010

3D ultrasound

Arm by the face.

This shot had us all laughing...what looks like a Michigan mullet hairdo is actually part of the placenta. No crazy George Washington wig for my baby.

Look at all that beautiful amniotic fluid! :)

Today was a day we have been anticipating for a really long time...
and it felt sometimes that it might never come.
But today did arrive and everything with the doctor went smoothly.
And while we are still far away from that special day in July,
we got to see our baby,
and see that everything is good so far.
Thank you to everyone for their well wishes and prayers.

We also got confirmation that we are going to have another boy:)

The high risk doctors are taking every precaution,
because we are still in a risky time.
Being in that office today brought back a lot of memories,
a lot of them not so happy.
But seeing this baby, surrounded by fluid and looking healthy
was a blessing.
Beginning this week I will be getting a shot of hormones,
weekly in my "lower hip"...
courtesy of Tim.
He eagerly jumped at the duty...a little too quickly.
This will hopefully ward off any pre-term labor or other problems.

The funny thing is,
the doctor said most people fight off having to take such a shot.
After what we've been through...
I would gladly get poked once a week,
that actually sounds like the easy part to me...

Now if we could only decide on a name,
that is proving the most difficult.
But I am going to bed so grateful tonight...


Penni said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you that all looked well. I've posted before...I'm 25 wks today with my 3rd baby (and 1st girl!). Still praying for BOTH of our babies to have healthy, LONG pregnancies. Hugs :-)

Scanlans said...

Praise God for lots of fluid!! I love that praise! So crazy how your perspective completely changes and you take NOTHING for granted when you've been through what you have. And so excited for you to have a boy! Loved your post!

carriekuipers said...

:) :) :)
I have goosebumps seeing the pictures - so excited you are having a boy - so excited to see so much fluid - so excited everything is going well!

Christopher said...

sp├ęcialllll !