Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finally...a baby update

I had all these great plans to blog this month
(because plenty happened)
and then all the sudden I woke up and April is nearly over.
So in an attempt to catch up,
I'm doing a baby update first and then maybe later I'll actually get around to finishing all those half written posts I have piling up in my blog account.

Today I had another appointment with one of the high risk doctors I have been seeing.
I have been going every 2 weeks for certain measurements,
but today they measured our little man...
who really isn't all that little.
I was assured he is in the top percentile for growth and was told he is completely "normal" and we have genetics to thank for his size and weight which is officially over 2 lbs.
This shocked me because at 32 weeks, Will measured in at a bruising 3 1/2 lbs....so it'll be interesting to see where this guy ends up.

And even though I am 26 weeks tomorrow, our baby is measuring more at the 27 week mark which makes me want to jump for joy.
He has been moving a ton lately, much to my delight...
and often times we will be laying and watching a movie and I can't help but bust out laughing.
Because it feels so weird,
and I am just enjoying every minute of it.

Of course, during the ultrasound today he was moving around,
But not in a cooperative sort of way.
The only good picture is the one posted above,
because this baby loves to rub his face and keep his arms strategically placed in front of his head.
I think he wants to surprise us.

But the most important thing is that this pregnancy is going good.
Fluid is normal,
growth is good and unlike at this time with Will
I am not in the hospital on bed rest.
What a huge blessing.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New background...

Yes, I know...
this blog looks all jacked up.
I'm working on it, but it (like everything else I set my mind to lately)
ended up being a much bigger job than I had earlier anticipated.
I'm working on fixing it to be pretty (spring cleaning for my blog perhaps?),
and will post more soon.

But for now I am tired,
and I can't figure out how to make my banner look good...
amongst other things.
And now I hear Sophie throwing up in the other room.
I think I'll let Tim get that one...
Should have known,
I swear she knows that today it is the first time the hard wood floor has been mopped in over 6 months.
How awesome of her to let it be clean for a whole 6 hours.

I'm signing off for today and promise that things are going well (aside from my dog putting me over the edge).
And there will be an Easter in Chicago post coming soon.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

photo session...

This week the weather has been absolutely beautiful...
so beautiful that I didn't waste away my days dreaming of California.
I can actually handle everything...
and then I remember why I was so productive in SoCal,
because sun+warm = motivation & happiness.
I'll take it.

On Tuesday, 
I picked up Tim from work and we got to do something we have been dreaming of for some time.
I regret not getting any professional pictures done in CA.
The scenery is awesome...
not to mention that we looked a whole lot younger and fresh (given that life hadn't beaten us up too badly...yet!)
But God works in mysterious ways.
The night Will died, the hospital called a volunteer photographer who came and gave us the most priceless gift.
And we knew from that night, we wanted Steve to photograph us again when the time was right...
so finally, after months (okay, almost years)
of waiting, I was finally able to call him up to schedule a maternity session.

We had a blast.
And the miracle was that our West Michigan weather totally cooperated.
And I had all these things I wanted to write about,
but I think the pictures speak for themselves...
once again.
It was as Tim had said, "We went full circle..."
Steve was there the night Will died,
he captured our most dark and vulnerable moment.
It felt incredible to have him photograph us now,
only this time with hope again in our eyes.

Please, visit his blog and read about our session.
Visit this link.
There are also some pictures posted,
I am eager to hear any comments!
As long as they are good:)
Because I was my own harshest critic,
asking if he could photo shop away my muffin tops.
His only reply was to shout, "You're pregnant!"
Um, so I guess that is a no...

It doesn't matter.
These capture the moment.
What a huge blessing.
Steve was brought into our lives at the hardest moment,
now we look forward to him being there to document all the wonderful and exciting ones to come...