Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last big appointment!

Its shocking to write 2 posts in one day...
but I had to share.
Today we had our last appointment with the high risk doctors.
They have officially cut me loose back to my "normal" doctor
and I have no further appointments with them.

Everything looks good,
and he is measuring about 3 lbs 8 oz.
Its amazing how far technology has come in the past couple of years
and how we have been able to see so much just from one little ultrasound.

We didn't get the best pictures today, 
but they were a huge improvement from last time.
He is currently breech.
The last appointment he was head down with an arm and a foot in front of his face (see black & white pic), so...
this time I am content that we at least got an idea of what his face looks like.
But he was all over the place,
and that arm...still over his face.
So while I love looking at the 3D pictures, I know he probably won't look a whole lot like that in another 8-10 weeks.

But we are thrilled with the good news.
My c-section is scheduled for July 27th...
but if that actually goes according to plan,
I will be utterly shocked.
So here is to another two months of a completely boring and uneventful pregnancy! :)

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Kristin said...

I think he looks like he's going to have Will's nose.