Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shower pics

Where did June go?!
I remember the week before Thanksgiving when I found out that I was pregnant,
and in trying to figure out my due date before seeing the doctor...when I saw the month of July pop into the calculator online I thought that seemed like FOREVER away.
"If I can just make it to June..." I remember thinking.

Well, surprise, I have actually made it further this time-Hooray!
And its a sure sign to my body just how much further I have come with baby #2.
Because I AM HUGE.
But I also don't really care:)
That is...until I see myself in a picture.
And then its utterly disturbing, to realize just what I look like to everyone else.
But regardless, I'll be a good sport and share some pictures from the baby shower that my friends and step-sis put on for me in early June...even though I can't believe what I am seeing sometimes.

There are a few more pictures coming...
but blogger is messing them up again,
and I only have so much patience nowadays:)

But the baby showers are now done,
and July will be about getting his room ready, making last minute purchases on necessary baby items and relaxing until little man makes his debut.
My c-section is scheduled for the 27th,
part of me wishes that he might come a bit earlier, on his own time.
Its so strange to think of waking up on the 27th and having a baby by appointment,
kind of like going to the dentist.
But after everything that has come before this,
I'll take it:)

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Megan Smith said...

Ummm....I think you posted the wrong pictures because you are SO not big. You look incredible...healthy, happy and literally glowing. Praise the LORD! What a blessing. Can't wait to meet him soon :)