Monday, July 12, 2010

July is flying!

I honestly don't know where the time has gone.
4th of July weekend was supposed to be full of "down time",
with plenty of opportunities to catch up on blogging.
Obviously, that did not happen.
But we did have time to do some other things...
like finish the baby room (pictures to come), catch the new Twilight movie,
make cupcakes, and most importantly take lots of naps:)

As far as how things have really been going,
I have felt pretty good.
Except for this weather we have been having...
This has got to be the most muggy, humid and unbearably HOT summer in Michigan that I can ever remember...
and its really sucked.
Our air conditioning has been cranked since early June with only a few days off the week before July 4th when we had gorgeous "California" weather.
It makes me want to move back.
Along with the extended heat and humidity,
I suddenly began to swell up.
Kind of bad...
Then last week the headaches started.
Nothing major, just a dull ache in the front of my head which is unusual for me.
So I was concerned it could be something...
and after talking with my friends (who also are great nurses in the labor & delivery field)
it turns out that nothing is really going on.
Some were concerned it could be a condition called preeclampsia,
but after some good old drugs and more rest the endless headache began to diminish.
The last few days have been normal again as far as no headaches and no swelling,
but then again, its no longer 95 with unbearable humidity.
I can handle dry heat, its the humidity that is really starting to get to me.
Our AC is still going strong, thanks to the stuffy sticky air,
but I guess that is just the price we will have to pay for the time being.
I just miss nice, cool fresh air blowing through my house...

Its hard to believe that I only have two more doctor's visits,
then 2 weeks from tomorrow is my scheduled c-section.
I am getting nervous and anxious.
Secretly, I would love to start having contractions and just go to the hospital without any planning or anxiety being involved.
This week marks a full term pregnancy.
Can you even believe it??
I almost can't...
the end is nearly in sight,
then we begin yet another new and exciting chapter...

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Megan Smith said...

YEEEEEAAAAAAAAA!!!! to every thing except your poor taste in movies ;( Boo to Eclipse - I'm a little embarassed for anyone who watches those/reads the books. Love you anyway ;)